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We all have a bit of magical light inside of us. Unlock your magic and find your Light through one of our many online courses. Join Amy and Nicole through our online platforms and be a part of  a growing community. All students of Spirit School are invited to connect in our private Instagram platform upon enrollment in any of our courses. Check often for special Live classes through Zoom and upcoming in-person gatherings.

Learn to Channel : July 24-August 28, 2019

The 7 Personal Chakras - June, 3 - July 24th, 2019

Reiki I, II, III & Teacher - Start today!

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Intuitive Communication & Readings Courses

Learn to Channel with Amy & Nicole. July 24, - August 28, 2019

Join us as we delve into the art of channeling. Level-up and learn how to communication with your guides in spirit. Whether it be an ascended master, the archangels, your star family, or a loved one in spirit, learn how you can strengthen your connection with your spiritual team! If you’re interested in channeling for yourself or others, this is the course for you!

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"This course has answered more questions than I knew I could have about the art of channeling. How to stay in integrity, peace, love and abundance. If this course has come in to your awareness, consider joining now! This information and the loving way it’s presented has shifted my way of walking in the world. It has “set me free.” 

JR, Dallas, Texas, Learn to Channel

"Taking this course with Amy & Nicole I feel was a very important step on my path. It helped open me up even more to my team in Spirit and form new relationships that I didn't even know I had available to me with those on the other side. Everyday I’m learning more and more about whom is working with me in Spirit, and it’s been beautiful to find out more about myself at a soul level through getting to know my team."

Learn to Channel 


The 7 Chakras : June 3- July 22nd

Join us for an  8 -week interactive study of the chakras. We will review the qualities and characteristics of each chakra, their developmental stages, signs and symptoms of misalignments, exercises and practices to clear, balance and strengthen your chakras, and more!

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Reiki & Energy Therapy Courses

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing and relaxation Therapy that relaxes and revitalizes the client’s mind, body and spirit bringing them into a place of relaxation and healing by releasing energetic blockages, balancing the energy centers, opening meridians, and offering universal life force energy. 

Certify in Reiki levels I, II, & Master III

Hear What Our Spirit School Students Have To Say...

Nearing the end of the course, I have had many eye-opening experiences that are helping me shape the foundation for who, and what I plan to channel on a more professional scale in the future. Having a religious upbringing, there were definitely some fears I felt I had to address before I fully starting chatting it up with Spirit, and having education around the art of channeling, what it is and what it is not-along with other topics such as identifying lower vibrations, have all really helped to release those fears I had at the beginning of the course. 

What I also really loved about the class was not just the content, but the community as well. Having classmates that are not just kind, loving and caring---but supportive as well. We are all learning together, and learning to trust ourselves in the process. I could not have asked for better mentors, or a better class to begin channeling at a more intimate level than I ever was before." 

-Elijah G., California, USA, Learn to Channel 

"I consider myself a newbie to spirit, archangels, ascended masters and spirit guides. I wanted to have a deeper connection to this new world I just started to explore from people who aren’t just super knowledgeable and experienced but loving and caring individuals. I wanted to learn how to trust my inner voice, call in my Spiritual team and start receiving messages directly to me instead of paying someone else to channel messages for me. 

By the end of the 5 weeks I had so many awesome, magical, fun, exciting experiences. I actually couldn’t wait to meditate because I felt such a stronger connection to spirit and couldn’t wait to see what I’d hear and channel next. I feel so much more confident in my new skills and the love that surrounds me ... it’s hard to describe. 

Because of this channeling course, I’ve been called to also do healing work and incorporate that into my online offerings. It has really helped me to find clarity in part of my purpose. When that fog lifts, you feel so free and focused on what’s important to you. Thank you Amy and Nicole for everything you have taught me! It was beyond anything that I expected and so serendipitous." 

-Theresa N., Texas, USA, Learn to Channel

"I am forever grateful for this experience, for this class. On my spiritual journey I was certain of god, of spirit, of the angels. And I called to them, asking to melt into their beingness but I always fell short. Somehow I wasn’t connecting the way I knew I could. I felt so close and yet so apart. It was by chance that I found Nicole & Amy on Instagram and when I first saw their post about the class I knew I should take it, even though I had never seen them channel or knew what it meant. From week one my life changed.. to hear a response to my call from the angels is an experience I will never tire of. 

To hear from them that we are one, that I am so loved (that we are all loved) is a feeling I cannot put into words. And as each week - each moment - went by our connection grew even stronger and though feelings of doubt and of fear come in from time to time I know they are fleeting and the truth is in my heart, in the loving presence I feel from the angels, from my higher self. This moment, this class, is everything and so much more than my heart longed for. And so with love and in love I give thanks to Nicole, Amy, spirit and my class mates and to all of those who hear the call and answer. 

-Diana H., California

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"Any words and sentences I put together does not and can not encapsulate the feelings of love and elation I feel ... I was led here. This course has been the greatest gift to me and a pivotal point in my life up until now. Coming from someone who always felt SO lost in a world I didn't understand and felt misplaced for so long. A lot of us can totally relate to STRONG feelings of mission and purpose and urgency, but not knowing where to start, and that can at the best of times be difficult and quite frankly, for me anyway, be extremely depressing. And that's why I am in such honour and love, that along my journey, I have connected with such beautiful beings that have given me that and so much more. 

This course has given me the tools to properly connect in with myself and my own inner guidance as well as meeting and connecting with beautiful souls who feel like my actual proper home. The message to TRUST has been one of the messages brought forward by many of our guides in this class supporting us in the process of learning to open up, clear and activate our gifts to connect in! And a beautiful message given to me from my guides by one of my classmates is to 'fear not, for it is fear that puts a cloud around even the brightest of lights and you were brought here to shine, shine, shine! 

These 5 weeks have been filled with so much joy, the information, tools, connection and expansion shared here is forever in my heart and will continue to guide me along my journey. I'm so emotional writing this!! This has just been so wonderful, I am so humbled to be apart of such a divine community! Thank you Amy and Nicole!" 

-Chess R, Australia

5D Conscious Energy Events


Anchor in the 5D with Amy & Celeste

Join Amy & Celeste as they talk about anchoring in the 5D frequencies and what this means for those of us ushering in these new energies in Earth. Replay this private Instagram Live event, where Amy & Celeste share their personal examples, channeled messages and insights. Hear what other guests had to will ask questions in the second half of this recorded video broadcast.

Length: 2 hours

Topic: Anchoring in the 5th Dimension


Exchange: $11.11 USD 

Hosts: Amy of @amysikarskie, @raise.the.vibe.tribe & @star_light_photos

Celeste of @divine_ethereal_energy, & @blakeacupuncture 

Our joint account to keep you updated on events related to is 

👉 @5dconsciousenergy

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