Crystal Release


Marcell Vogel was a spiritual scientist who successfully pioneered the use of crystals in healing. While working for IBM, he designed and developed specifications for crystal healing applications. During a Crystal Light Table session, a cleared Vogel cut crystal is programmed with the clients desired intentions and "ignited". It is during this ceremonial process, that the intention for healing is set. The crystals amplify this intention as the programmed energy flows directly into the clients crown chakra, thus connecting and programming the clients body and energy with the changes desired. 

Crystals hold energetic information and through this transference, the information is passed onto the client at a very real and deep cellular and energetic level. The use of a true Vogel cut crystal supports the client's session.

 The Vogel cut crystals used are cut specifically to work with Amy Sikarskie and the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. Each crystal is handpicked and qualified as a healing crystal before being cut by a  master artisan. The crystals used in session come from authentic cutters who were personally trained by Marcel before his transition, offering clients a high-quality experience.

Crystal Release

A crystal release is a process of connecting in with the root emotion or energy for extraction. This process is done with the Vogel crystal, utilizing intentions and a conscious awareness of the discomfort to be released.