Sound Therapy


Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls offer a beautiful and relaxing approach to balancing and harmonizing our chakras and cleansing our auric field. Each chakra, or energy center, within our being vibrates at its own frequency. When played, each bowl resonates with its corresponding chakra. By aligning the appropriate Crystal Singing Bowl with the corresponding chakra, sound waves from the bowl travel into the chakra and assist in flushing out low vibrations and blocks, and bring the chakra into alignment through harmonic resonance. The harmonic induction offered to the chakra provides a smooth, nourishing bath of healing sound vibrations that permeate through the auric field and into the cellular levels of the body. I have really enjoyed working with the Crystal Singing Bowls and find that they truly resonate with and work with each client individually. They sing differently for each client and through connecting with the bowls, they create a beautiful song for each session.

Each chakra has specific properties and characteristics. In addition to color frequencies, they each resonate with their own vibration sound healing frequency. The bowls used are made from the highest quality all American quartz crystal, offering you a beautiful and rich sound experience.  

The Crystal Singing bowls are a part of the Crystal Light Bed Session. Additionally, a 30 minute mini session is offered which includes sound healing from all bowls for a quick pick me up and balancing. Some light hands-on healing may be offered in conjunction when intuitively guided.