Hear What Past Guests Have to Say...


Amy, The retreat was more than I could have imagined or put into words afterwards!

... The energy was unexplainable, very high, giddy, fun! The place that was chosen was very peaceful ✨. I thought I didn’t have a past-life regression experience when you took the group through a session, then it came later right when I was about to go to sleep! Fully awake, I watched a short movie of a previous life I KNEW was of me play out with my eyes open, never before has anything like this happen to me! When we did the channeling circle, I was what I would consider “out of my element“, but went with it and put my cards that I thought I “needed“ down, turned to Nicole and told her she would get pregnant in the next four years (which I was at the time literally thinking what kind of crazy talk are you saying & why are you saying this) &&& to my surprise crazy enough she gets pregnant shortly after the retreat! The group of people at the retreat were from all over the world and I walked away knowing all these girls would be close friends of mine for the rest of my life 💗 The table time you gifted us with was such a nice treat! The yoga with Lea Anne was so great! A retreat I am grateful I made the time and investment for! 

🌈✨💛🧡💚💜❤️ Thank you again & please keep me in mind for all future retreats!! So much love & gratitude beautiful lady 😘🥰🙌

Love always,

Sylvia, Texas ✨


I Learned, Loved, and Laughed

Attending Amy’s retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I learned, loved, and laughed! Amy’s energy has a high-quality, easy flow, and very connecting way of bringing out the best in everyone. I absolutely loved the people I met and have made wonderful magical friends for life. Amy is very high integrity and puts information together so well. I know if I plan to be at an event Amy has put together- it will be very much worth my time and energy.  Amy is a powerful, compassionate and very intuitive energy healer. I have learned a lot from her. I don’t trust just anyone with my energy!  -Lea Anne, Energy Anatomy Healing

Colleyville Texas


I have stepped into my divine and Goddess power...

"Words will never be able to express what I feel in my heart and in my being, but I'll try to articulate into words what I can! Dharma is an angelic, heavenly, and purely divine soul in human form!! I am ever so grateful to have experienced such family healing through balancing my masculine and feminine energies that were rooted and stemmed from my mom and dad! I cried so many tears of release and happiness! It was truly empowering to say the least! I felt that I have stepped into my divine and Goddess power after our session! I will never forget it. This was all due to a nudge from spirit that this was the next level one on one healing! On behalf of my family and I we are internally grateful for your beautiful intuitive gifts, connection to the higher realms, and guidance that has helped healed generations of scars, hurts, and pain!! We LOVE you Dharma!!! 

Latricia Pickens


By the end I felt like I was floating on air!

"The Advanced Energy Therapy Weekend Intensive exceeded my expectations in every way! From the detailed book work, ample hands-on practice time, daily group meditations, delicious vegan meals, morning yoga sessions, and beautiful lakefront setting you couldn't ask for a better weekend of learning, growing, and connecting deeper to your heart and Mother Gaia. I learned so much and made such wonderful connections with all of the beautiful souls who attended. Plus, being part of such an accelerated program really helped to fast-track my progress. By the end I felt like I was floating on air! These are memories I will always cherish and I look forward to attending more of Amy's events in the future."

Jessica M., Michigan


I’ve Found Great Healing and Activation

"Any event where Amy Sikarskie is involved is an absolute must do!! Having been a student in multiple of her classes through her online platform spirit school magic, I can say she is an excellent teacher. Her classes are very well organized, fun, exciting and truly life changing. Even the more informal gatherings she held were beyond amazing. Amy has a way of meeting her students and clients in a learning and healing environment that’s otherworldly. I’ve also had the great honor of working with Amy within almost every modality she offers. From readings, healings, reiki, crystal light table to past life hypnotherapy and everything in between my experiences exceeded my wildest hopes and dreams every single time. Amy has an incredibly pure special energy. I’ve found great healing and activation with her. If you’re considering an event, class or session my advice is invest in yourself. It’ll be well worth it!!"

Sandra, Hawaii


Completely Life Changing.

"Amy's gentle and loving teaching and guidance facilitated learning and growing beyond what I could imagine. I enjoyed the course and the bond created between the others who were guided to attend-- each of whom are now a part of my extended family. What a blessing! I am so thankful."

Kori Wilson, Texas

"The Advanced Energy therapy retreat was a wonderful experience. From the amazing food and beautiful souls that joined me there, to the exceptional teacher Amy, that tought this amazing class. I feel blessed to have been a part this experience. It was completely life changing. I experienced so much healing in this class. I learned that I am capable of so much. It was exactly what I needed, and so much more than what I expected. Thank you Amy. Endless love and gratitude to you for this course." 

Chandra, Ohio


Loving and Supportive Energy

Dharma has the most loving and supportive energy. She has the amazing capability of making you feel safe, so that you are able to work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Working with her has brought me divine clarity on my current struggles. And, her healing process has shown me exactly what I need to do in order to move forward, and manifest the life I desire. Words cannot express how much her work means to me!

Lauren Watkins

I cannot begin to explain how transformational the sessions with sister Dharma have been. She's very supportive, loving and her healing sessions are extremely powerful. I have personally experienced massive shifts after doing sessions with her. I highly recommend her for anyone on their healing journey. ♥️

Muskan Sharma


Trust Your Heart and Allow Yourself to Receive

"Dharma is an angel here on Earth. I was resisting having anyone help me because I thought I was strong enough on my own. Dharma knew intuitively what to say to help me open up and receive divine guidance. She helped me release past stories and even trauma that was stored in my DNA from past lives. She is pure love and compassion, but strong enough to hold the space for what is needed. I feel so much love and gratitude for this beautiful soul. If you are reading this, you were guided here for a reason. Trust your heart and allow yourself to receive. Dharma is a beautiful sister that will hold your hand and guide you through the sticky spaces we encounter in these human bodies. She will hold you safely until you are through the space and give you a big hug of love on the other side. Much love to Dharma. I am forever grateful. "

Cindy Swenson


Initiation Into my Next Phase

"This advanced energy therapy course with Amy was beyond amazing, it was such a sacred space that allowed me to be me, feeling fully supported and loved by some very magical beautiful Angels. The learning, the healings, the connections all divinely guided, this wasn't just a course... it was an initiation to my next phase, it was a course of great transformation in all aspects for me and I am forever grateful to have been a part of it."

Aurora Casas, Arizona

4 Day On Location Training


Gratitude and Love

I've known and worked with Dharma since 2017. There is no-one out there who works and helps you to process and dissolve negative patterns like the way Dharma does. She has a unique and highly effective process that goes to the root and uproots it. She comes highly recommended.

Satya Pandey

Just finished my session with amazing Dharma and I want to express my gratitude and love for her and for wonderful work that she is doing! I had a 90 minutes session and what I experienced during this session is the most intense and profound feeling ever. Her voice, her energy, her love and calmness that you are feeling through this session is so energetic and you are feeling it flowing through your body all the time. Session was tense. I went to the darkest places of my being, saw things that I forgot but felt that so well know fear which is haunting me my entire life! 

Dear Dharma, you are such a blessing for this world! Thank you for touching my soul and my light! Love you!