Deeksha / Oneness Blessing


About The Oneness Blessing

The Oneness Blessing or Deeksha, as it's called in India, is a beautiful transfer of Divine Grace that creates a shift within our level of consciousness, raising our awareness and enlightenment. 

"There is an amazing world changing Phenomena that is occurring to humanity at this time. Over a hundred million people across the planet are experiencing this Divine Phenomenon known as Deeksha which starts a profound process of spiritual awakening in a person." 

The blessing is given through the crown chakra by a certified Oneness Blessing giver. The energy of Divine Grace quiets the mind and the chatter that we experience and activates the frontal lobes; creating new neurological pathways.


According to The Oneness University :

"The  central understanding of Oneness is that inner transformation  and awakening  into higher states of consciousness is not an outcome of a mere intellectual  understanding but through a shift in consciousness  whereby one’s experience of  life is redefined at its core. This is  achieved by the process of the Oneness  Deeksha /Oneness Blessing which  is a phenomenon sourced in the deep passion and  the intent of Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan. "

Oneness  Blessing (aka) Deeksha is an energy transfer that brings  about growth in  consciousness.  The level of consciousness of a person determines his/her quality of life experience.  For instance, one’s  experience of the ongoing  recession, the ability to handle misunderstanding in relationship or daughter’s rebellious nature,  what emotions surge through when diagnosed with a  health problem, the  level of connection with people around and the joy experienced, the  intensity of passion at work etc., depend on one’s level of consciousness.  As consciousness rises, there is greater awareness,  joy, love, togetherness, and focus in everything that you do and experience. 

The Blessing / Deeksha neither requires practicing a particular way of living nor is an  initiation into following a new path.  It  does not bind one  to any philosophy or ideology.  It transcends religious and cultural  barriers  from the fact that it only chooses to awaken each to his/her  own spiritual  tradition by cilitating a neurobiological shift, thus making religion a  matter of personal choice and convenience.   Hence  people belonging to any faith or age group can receive the  Deeksha ."



Evolution  in one’s consciousness manifests as changes in all  spheres of our life –  health, wealth, relationships & spiritual  growth.  The Deeksha brings about a growth in  consciousness, thus heightening your life experience. The Deeksha changes  emotions and perceptions or helps one be free of perceptions.  This shift changes  one’s approach to  challenges and opportunities since when perceptions change one no more  perceives a problem as a problem.  When perceptions change reality may also change because the external world is merely a reflection of the inner world. Higher perceptions and positive emotions create a more successful and fulfilling life. Effort  does have a role in the Deeksha.  While  effort in the form of introspection, contemplation, asking the right question,  having an  intent, external doing etc. is also essential.  The role of effort in  this context is analogous to a plane speeding on a runway to take off,  but the actual take off  also demands an appropriate wind current. The Deeksha is like the current that finally lifts the plane off the  ground. 

Deeksha is given by the laying hands on the  recipient’s head or  sometimes through intent.   In this case, the giver holds the receiver  in his or her awareness for a  few minutes and allows the Deeksha to  flow.   In this way, the Deeksha can be given at a distance of thousands of  miles or to a large group of people all at the same time. Deeksha  unfolds  differently in every individual as it depends on what the  receiver may need it  most. 

These  are some of the common benefits in receiving a Deeksha as  reported by the  recipients.   



 One can experience greater  effects of it  with prolonged exposure.

  • Awakens creative potentials, abilities and  intelligence
  • Increases ability to learn
  • Resolves inner conflict leading to inner  peace and harmony
  • Brings love to relationships
  • Heals emotional hurts and reduces thought  burden
  • Evokes  affection, friendship and a sense of connectedness with the other.
  • Awakens compassion 
  • Infuses vitality
  • Heals the body by healing the mind
  • Relaxes the body and relieves stress 
  • Helps build love and appreciation for the  body
  • Invokes auspicious energies   
  • Removes blocks that hinder success
  • Makes possible a mental frame for abundance 
  • Initiates a journey into experiencing  unconditional love and joy.
  • Initiates a journey into Awakening and God  Realization    


Purpose & History

Oneness, a  spiritual organization, founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan seeks to alleviate  human suffering at its roots by awakening humanity into oneness, wherein every individual feels connected to all that is.  The central  understanding of Oneness is that inner transformation and awakening into higher states of consciousness is not an outcome of a mere intellectual understanding but a neurobiological process in the brain, whereby one’s experience of life is redefined at its core.  This is achieved by  Oneness Deeksha, which is a process of transfer of divine grace that  initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness.  The Deeksha is believed to affect the different lobes of the physical brain, thereby  reducing stress levels and intensifying the levels of love, joy and  awareness. Millions across the globe testify the calming and awakening  effects of the Oneness Deeksha, which is now slowly gaining recognition  as by far the easiest and most effective approach to enriching human  consciousness.


Settled majestically at the foothills of the Vellikonda range  on the eastern coast of South India, 80km north of the city of Chennai,  lies the Oneness University. A center for learning and growth, The Oneness University  creates an atmosphere for people to learn and grow in consciousness  leading to a ‘happy’ individual and family. Catering to people of every  faith and all walks of life, the University represents growth and  learning in both the internal and the external spheres of life. 

Oneness in many regards has a highly scientific approach, quite evident in many of Sri Amma Bhagavan’s teachings and this actually  comes as a relief to the many Oneness followers ranging from the younger generation and the intellectual/elite classes, who abhor blind belief  and unscientific philosophy at all levels. 

This kind of a vastly liberal and truly secular approach could be attributed to a very unique perception of Oneness that the founders Sri Amma Bhagavan share, who emphasize the beauty and importance of  religious and cultural variety as every human being is unique and cannot discover his true self through one single path. It is therefore, Their  message to the world that Oneness is not necessarily about making  everyone embrace the same system of belief, doctrine or tradition but  more a process of discovering the truth that is inherent in every  tradition. Oneness as a concept is beautiful, as an experience is  staggering."


Science - Oneness Blessing / Deeksha and the Brain