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Phone Energy Therapy



“I had a short reading with Amy because she was selected for a film project, and I wanted to explore her capabilities. So many people are scammers, but not Amy. She picked up on my Godmother...”like your grandma but not related to you, kind of like a fairy Godmother” were the words she used to describe one of the most prolific, fairy Godmother-like people in my life (note: she was my actual Godmother who was not blood!). She was comforting and extremely accurate. The angels speak through her.”

Diana H., New York, USA


“WOW. My first hour with Amy was so enlightening; so informative; so helpful. She knew things that only the Devine could know and shared with such love and peace. What a gift! What a blessing you are to those of us who are looking for our true path. Amy will be a part of my earth team from now on. Thank you for your time, your gifts and your service.”

Robie R., Mississipp, USA

Thank You, Amy

“Amy is amazing and has the greatest energy, sweetest voice and uses a heartfelt approach when delivering messages. Thank you for being my inspiration, mentor and teacher. Your readings bring clarity to my life. Thank you for the love and encouragement. Can’t wait to have a past life regression reading. Thanks again.”

Catalina M., Florida, USA

Global Reading? Yes!

"I live in Sweden and got in contact with Amy over Instagram. I got a feeling that I should do a reading with dear Amy, and so I did. And I’m so happy that I followed my inner voice. Amy help me to get deeper in contact with my higher self. Everything she said was spot on and was very life changing and meaningful to my life. I would recommend anyone to have a reading with Amy. It’s a truly blessing."

 Johanna Ramsell , Sweden


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Phone Energy Therapy

Phone Energy Therapy

Phone Energy Therapy


Beyond Expectations 

“This was my first experience with any energy work. Within the first 5 minutes, knowing only my name, Amy pegged so many aspects of my person. It was truly an amazing experience. Amy told me I would continue to clear my energy throughout the coming week, and she was right. I feel lighter and brighter. I've struggled with depression and dissociation throughout my life, and this gave me some much needed clarity. I was skeptical about how this would work over the phone, but I am a true believer.”

Diana, Massachusetts, USA

Amy is Definitely an Angel Sent to Help Me

“Although I have watched her live and admired Amy, I really didn't know what to expect from my energy healing session. Well, that was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. She caught me at a really low time and was able to see right through my hell. Her soft voice and Godgiven talents went to work and that was the most healing and comforting moment I had in ages. I know who my go to person is now. To anyone in serious need of healing, Amy is the One to contact! No doubt!”

M.J., Florida, USA

She Gave Me My Life Back

”Amy gave me my life back. I had been struggling with so many things for over 5 years and she understood exactly what was going on. She went above and beyond what was happening and healed me completely. She gave me my life back which had me in tears. Amy is the real deal. I recommend being as descriptive as possible in the emails if that's an option, and explaining everything you are feeling during the healing process. Dont feel embarrassed to repeat yourself, be determined to heal yourself.”

DMB., California, USA

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Phone Energy Therapy

Past Life Energy Therapy


An Amazing Mentor

“Amy is loving, caring and so knowledgeable. I came into the call with some constricted and negative energy. I was feeling like I needed to do but was scared to and Amy reassured me that it wasn't time yet, and that I would know when it was. I have been going through my awakening and she validated for me that this was my path. She guided me by providing some more information I didn't already know and to use in the future when I was unsure of what was going on. I ended the call feeling awesome!”

T.N., Texas, USA

Amazing & So Rewarding

“Amy is so comforting and kind & brought forth such encouraging information from the angels that totally put me at ease, and brought me such comfort and reassurance. They also brought forth something I had a feeling about but wasn’t aware I needed to act on it and how it was affecting me and my relationship. She also brought me understanding about how a few larger purchases I was trying to decide between would effect my energy and what would be best for me. I gained so much insight and value!”

Katie, Texas

Consistently Amazing 

“Amy has continually helped me through my life's ups and downs. I don't know how many times now I have worked with Amy but every time she knows exactly what to focus in on and in no time I'm back to feeling balanced and centered again. She is such a kind gentle and genuinely caring soul! I feel so honoured to have met her and I feel anyone that needs any type of guidance or spiritual assistance you have come to the right place. You are in good hands!”

Rita, Toronto, Canada


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Past Life Energy Therapy

Past Life Energy Therapy

Past Life Energy Therapy


Life Changing Experience


"Okay, first let me just start by saying I didn’t know what i was getting into! But Amy is the real deal! Without me saying anything but , "Hi, good morning," she was able to tap into my energy and knew exactly what I needed help with. Her voice is soothing and she’s so reassuring. I felt like I got what I needed to take the next step! I would recommend this experience to anybody and everybody!“

C.G., California, USA

Energy and Past  Life Healing

Amy does an excellent job of identifying issues that may be affecting your energy body, as well as your physical body. Her healing sessions seem to open doorways to continued healing and clarity. Words could not express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with her, and I highly recommend her services! Many thanks and blessings to all on this journey! ”

L.W., Georgia, USA

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Energy Healing & Reading

Past Life Energy Therapy

Energy Healing & Reading


Accurate and Amazing

"I've had a few healings and readings with Amy and they just keep getting better. After my healing I felt like myself again. Have not felt that way in many many years. After my most recent reading some of her predictions happened that same day and the next day. That's how accurate she was! She put my heart at ease with a complicated situation in my life and was able to guide me to the proper steps to deal with it. Amy is nothing short of a blessing in my life! I HIGHLY recommend her!"

Jackie Santiago, Pennsylvania, USA

Remote Magic!


"My wife set me up a phone session with Amy & it was amazing! She cleared out some negative energy from me and our property plus gave me ways to do it myself. This was such an empowering & healing experience, I just can't tell you!! Amy is truly a Healing Angel! THANK YOU from my heart & soul!"

Tony, Texas, USA

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Email Reading

Past Life Energy Therapy

Energy Healing & Reading


Email Reading, One Question

"I found Amy when my journey of awakening commenced. Amy's readings and books have been the utmost source of love, light, knowledge and support through my journey and always will be. Amy answered one question I had on my mind for a while, my intuition kept telling me to reach out to Amy to seek clarification. Amy answered my question comprehensively, touching on key issues and incorporating divine advice from the Angels. Thank you so much x Sending lots of love and light,"

Nimmi V

Insightful and Loving

"I chose email reading to answer some questions I had about a personal challenge. Amy answered my question and then some, giving me hope, positivity, and empowerment. She also gave me guidance about my career, was very specific in terms of what area I could be good at. I was nervous about this format of reading as I loved watching her channel real time, but her way of writing out the answers was very easy and helpful- I read her reading at least once a day to feel positive about the future.

Yeslie, California, USA

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