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Anchoring the 5D Live Broadcast

Join Amy & Celeste  as they talk about anchoring in the 5D frequencies and what this means for those of us ushering in these new energies in Earth. 

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Energy Therapy

Amy offers energy therapy for 

the mind, body, spirit & soul remotely by phone, Skype and e-mail. Select in-person appointments are available in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas.

Amy draws on her years of experience tailoring each session to fit the clients needs. Some frequencies used include Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Earth-Based Transpersonal Healing, and Angelic Healing with the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. Techinques and services may include Vogel Crystal Clearing, Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy, Soul Retrieval and more.

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Angel & Energy Readings

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Beginning with only their name, Amy uses  her clair gifts to tune-in during readings. She begins each session by bringing through messages from the client's spirit guides and archangels. Often loved ones in spirit come through bringing messages of love and comfort. 

Amy has a unique ability to bi-locate and access inter dimensional information from clients past lives, providing insight and healing in the current reality. She clairvoyantly assesses the clients energy field and chakra's providing insights and healing information during readings and energy therapy sessions.

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Past Life Hypnotherapy

Trained through the Newton Institute, Amy specializes in Past Life & Spiritual Hypnotherapy. This service assists clients in the remembrance of their own soul identity, life mission, healing through all levels, and a connection with their angels and guides in spirit. 

Regressions are offered by Skype, Zoom, and in-person in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas

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Hello Beautiful, thank you for stopping by. It is always nice to connect with others who are healing, awakening, and expanding their awareness. I believe that we all have a light within and that we have many gifts to offer to others. It’s my desire to share my gifts, experiences, and knowledge with students and clients through all stages of their healing and awakening. Through our work together, clients and students have found healing and discovered gifts and tools that support their path in life. I offer the highest level of care and commitment to those I work with. If you feel my classes and services are in alignment with your current needs, I'd love to work with you.  Please explore  services offered, or click here to learn more about my background and certifications. I look forward to meeting you, Amy

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Courses, Tools & Testimonials


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Courses and Certifications are available with Amy in Reiki, Advanced Energy Therapy, and Intuitive Communication. Learn more about your subtle body and the art of communicating with your team in spirit. See a list of all of our courses in our online Spirit School and connect with our student community in our private Instagram Angel Chat Classroom.

Crystals & Healing Tools

Professional grade Vogel crystal wands, Crystal Singing Bowls and additional healing tools to increase your spiritual practice and healing sessions are available through our friends at Crystal Light and Sound. 


Amy has over 200 verified testimonials. Hear what her clients and students have to share about their time with Amy. Click here for online reviews or watch the video here.


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Amy Sikaskie, LVN, Energy Therapist, Intuitive