Angelic Guidance

Amy works closely with the Angelic realm during Energy Healing and Regression sessions, often providing added insights and guidance. As a channel of Light, Amy connects in with the archangel realm, her guides, and spiritual support team, along with the guides of the client to provide messages of love and guidance. She offers Angel Card readings, Clairvoyant Intuitive Readings, and as of February 2018 vocally channeled readings from Archangel Metatron and her council of guides.  Readings and Messages can be received in -person, by phone, Skype or email. 

Amy specializes in readings and channeling of messages from clients higher selves, spirit guides, councils, and Archangel Realms. Often Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mary, and other religious figures will come into session and readings offering love and guidance.

She offers readings that assist the soul in healing and awakening. Sessions include releasing low vibrations and receiving clarity to assist on their path to ascension. Amy offers past life readings and energy assessments which are included in healing sessions. Readings are offered in-person and include the option to use angel cards. Channeled readings are also available through email, either in typed format or audio recording.


Energy Body Readings

Utilizing her Clair senses, Amy locates and provides insights on energetic imbalances within the Anatomy of the Energetic body. This assessment and reading is a part of the energy therapy session. An energetic reading is offered as a part of the healing session.   

Messages From Loved Ones  

Amy is a certified medium with the IEL Institute and communicates with departed loved ones as a part of energy healing and FCLT sessions. From time to time, loved ones will visit in an energy session or during readings with a message for the client.