Past Life Hypnotherapy


Regress Into Past Lives


Regress through deep relaxation and hypnosis to prior lifetimes. Receiving insights, information and guidance from your higherself and the spirit realm that relates to your soul history and how it plays into this life. Visit an average of 1-3 lifetimes.  Clients may connect with the spiritual realms and dimensions where they may receive healing, guidance from spiritual beings such as loved ones, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and even totems. Clients establish a connection with the their spiritual support team and may receive insights into their life path, purpose or questions of the heart and mind. 

The journey begins with regression through the current life to the womb, and then with the support of their guides and angels, clients are lead to past lives where they will explore past lives that provide healing, insight and guidance.  4 Common Signs Linking to Past Lives


Soul Awakening

Soul awakening sessions brings the client into a space of remembrances and a reconnection with their higher infinite self through the relaxing process of guided meditations and hypnosis. In these sessions, clients may connect with their oversoul, guides, and angels for guidance and healing.