Forsyth Crystal Light Table


The Forsyth Crystal Light Table© was designed and created by Russell Forsyth of Austin, Texas. It offers a unique and effective approach to balancing and healing the human energy system. This includes the chakras and dimensional planes of the aura or bio-field which then affect and connect in with aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  


Sound Therapy


Crystal singing bowls bring chakras back into alignment. Each chakra has a specific resonating frequency that is activated by the bowls' sound vibrations.  This creates a relaxing sound bath that integrates with the clients system while targeting specific chakra points, activating, clearing and balancing the chakras. The tones also settle the mind, bringing the mind into a relaxed state of consciousness. 

Vogel Crystal Therapy


Throughout the whole session, a Vogel cut crystal connects with the client's energy field through their crown chakra as it filters in programmed healing frequencies. A magnetic grid supports the body as an angelic crystal portal connects the client's energies to the angelic realms.  

Chromo Therapy


Chromo Therapy is an ancient healing modality that dates back to the Egyptian times. Color bathes the client in light frequencies specific to the chakras, clearing, supporting and strengthening the chakras and the auric field. 


Crystal Light Table Session with Amy


Full-service sessions utilizing the Forsyth Crystal Light Table include an assessment of the client's energy, interactive energy healing utilizing Amy's gifts and skills,  time on the table, and audio or written notes. Sessions are approximately 90 minutes or 120 minutes for new clients. 


Self-Guided Light Table Session


Crystal Light Table only is for clients who wish for a sovereign energetic alignment and activation of their DNA / RNA. In these sessions, Amy sets up the healing space, programs the crystals, and starts the table (crystals, lights, audio of singing bowls) for a uniquely authentic and sovereign experience. This session differs from the others in that there is limited interaction between Amy and the client. There isn't an assessment, reading or feedback.   


In-Person & Remote Sessions


In person and remote appointments on the table are available. Remote sessions are set up through email with the clients providing their own intention to be utilized in setting up the space. 




Remote Session FCLT Reviews

The following reviews are from recipients of a long-distance / remote session on the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. In these sessions, the table was prepared and programmed by Amy and then left to provide the healing to the client. There was no further interaction by the practitioner.

"That was amazing. I felt a deep sense of peace inside me along with loving vibrations. At one point, I heard humming noises coming from my third eye. I also felt a very powerful strength when I repeated the mantras of healing and strengthening. At one point, my whole body got extremely hot and I felt a lot of action going on in my heart area. That was great thank you so much!!!💗💗love and light your way!"



”Hello!! Thank you again! 🙏  I found myself deep breathing- as I would when I begin to meditate. I noticed a whale spirit animal. I did cord clearing with people close to me in my life and then I felt something around my solar plexus. Then I felt a shift- like someone/something moved my body slightly to the right. I felt a fine tune vibration throughout my whole body (which happens to me when I'm meditating). Then I felt a swirly energy around my heart/throat chakras. I was going through my chakras, setting an intention & thinking of positive affirmations for each one. I don't know if I ever truly fell asleep but I feel rested and like my body is buzzing!! Thank you again for offering this remote healing session! I would recommend this healing session to anyone!" 

"My experience was also tingling and I felt very relaxed. I hope it will continue to work on me. It was a fun experience, and peaceful. Thanks so much for giving me this gift."

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"I was excited to try a remote Crystal Light Table session with Amy. She gave clear and detailed instructions and answered all of my questions leading up to the session in a helpful and timely way. The morning of the session came and I was able to just lie back and relax while the table did its work. I have to admit I wondered if it was going to work, and that I wasn't sure I would be able to tell that anything was even going on, but a few minutes into the session I began to feel surges of energy through my body. I felt lots of tingling in my hands, feet, and in my chest. About thirty minutes into the session I was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry from the sheer beauty of the energy that was dancing around me and through me. 

After the session I seemed to have a real sense of clarity in my mind and I noticed that really good ideas just began to flow in my direction. I took down notes because it was like the answers to lots of things I had been pondering made their way into my consciousness immediately following the session. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in trying energy work but does not have someone close by who they can trust. Amy is a joy to work with and truly cares about everyone she comes in contact with. Although it is considered remote or distant, the power of the session hit close to home and felt very personal and profound."

-Lindsay, South Carolina, USA