Meditation and Hypnosis both access the alpha and theta wavelengths. The difference between hypnosis and meditation is that in hypnosis you are relaxing into these states with intention and direction. You’ll be accompanied by a hypnotherapist, who in a sense, acts as a navigator and data collector.

We all flow through these brain wave stages throughout our day as we slip in and out of day dreams, trance states and in and out of our sleep times. If you’ve ever been driving and suddenly realize you have arrived at your destination without recalling all the details in how you got there, you were in a meditative / hypnotic state. These states are natural and a part of everyone’s experience.

The alpha state is the beginning of relaxing and letting go and is where effective hypnosis begins to take shape. From the alpha, the client enters into the deeper theta levels of relaxation. The theta state is where imagery, memories and dream-like experiences unfold. This is where the active mind is quieted and surrenders to the subconscious and super conscious, accessing memories of our past, including past lifetimes and disincarnate soul experiences.

It’s my intention that the Past Life and Spiritual Regressions I facilitate be ones that offer guidance, insights, information and healing to the client. If there is an area in your life that you are currently working through, expanding upon or would like support in, you can let me know and we’ll ask that you visit a life or lifetimes that provides insights.  

Mostly, but not always, this will be the issue you find answers to. Sometimes, our higher-self will feel that there is another area or purpose that needs to be explored.

Soul Awakenings & Past Life Regression

Soul Connections


Through the process of hypnosis clients are guided into the spiritual realms and dimensions where they may receive connection and guidance from spiritual beings such as loved ones, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and even totems. Clients establish a connection with the their spiritual support team and may receive insights into their life path, purpose or questions of the heart and mind.